The Neglected Violin

Luke 12:41?48 (46)

The call to serve is the call to find your purpose in life for God’s glory and honor.  All who have received this call to serve must learn a paradox of wisdom.  Jesus showed us by example that the way up is down.  He wrapped a towel around His waist and filled a basin with water while others were lounging at the table of fellowship.  At that time He made it clear that if we wanted to follow Him we had to follow His example of service.

The importance of this is seen in a story about Niccolo Paganini’s violin.  He was considered to be the greatest violinist who ever lived.    His violin, which he named “The Cannon” had a booming resonance which set it apart from all other violins.  Upon his death, “The Cannon” became the prized possession of his hometown, Genoa, Italy.  It was locked in a glass display case and was not played for nearly a century.   By the early 1900s the violin had decayed to the point of being a useless relic.  Fortunately it was restored in 1917 but the neglect of this beautiful instrument is illustrative of those who are called to serve but chose to spend their life in the display case of religion.  It is a travesty when we who are designed to be used to bring glory to Him neglect to take advantage of countless opportunities for service.

By Dr. Gayle Woods

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