The Common Call

Acts 22:9?11 (10)

While a pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, Dave Drevecky, along with Scott Garrelts, Atlee Hammaker, Jeff Brantley became known as the God Squad because of their strong Christian faith.  In 1988 a cancerous tumor was found in Drevecky’s pitching arm.  Three years later his left arm and shoulder were amputated.  After his recovery he began to accept invitations to speak in various places.

One night he was to speak at a church. Dave really didn’t feel like speaking. He felt unworthy and felt no one cared to listen to his story.  He was to learn five months later, however, that a man who had made a mess of his life was in that service. 

Dave was on a radio call-in show when a woman called to thank him for ministering that night at her church.  Her husband was having an affair with a woman.  But that night he asked Christ into his heart.  He and his wife began to put their marriage back together. Everyone around him noticed the change.

Not long after his conversion he was hit by a truck and killed.  His wife said, \”Those weeks he walked with Christ were the best weeks of our marriage, and the best weeks of my husband’s life.\” Dave responded, \”And to think, I didn’t want to go, and almost didn’t\”.

Many assume a call from God means to be a preacher, a pastor, or a missionary.  God does give these definite calls but all are called to minister no matter what their occupation may be.  

By Dr. Gayle Woods

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