November 2012

True Vigilance

Col. 4:1-6 A man was caught in a turbulent flood waters. He prayed, \”Lord, save me!\”. Shortly after his prayer, a boat paddled towards him. He was urged to get in. \”No thank-you\”, said the man, \”The Lord is going to save me\”. An hour later, a motor boat came by. Again he was urged […]

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True Humility

Luke 22:24-27 Joseph Petro repeatedly reminisces on the greatness of president Ronald Reagan in his book “Standing Next to History”. As the Secret Service agent in charge of Reagan’s protective detail, he mentions numerous incidents where the President took time to speak to children, was gracious to a fault and genuinely loved and desired to

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True Satisfaction

Luke 9:10-17 Albert Pujols, former first baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals, a World Series champ, an eight-time All Star, recipient of three National League MVP awards, and according to a 2008 poll of 30 MLB managers, the most feared hitter in the sport. His character is more impressive than his career. He founded The

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True Freedom

Luke 7:36-50 The story is told that Abraham Lincoln once visited a slave auction. He did not go to buy a slave but merely to watch the proceedings. As he watched he was more convinced than before of the indignity of selling and buying a fellow human being. As a result of the experience he

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True Greatness

Mark 10:32-45 Possibly the greatest leader in the history of our country was George Washington. A group of angry officers saw this tall, 6’4” man in all of his greatness on March 15, 1783. They were upset because they had not been paid for their years of fighting in the Revolutionary War. The states refused

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