True Greatness

Mark 10:32-45

Possibly the greatest leader in the history of our country was George Washington. A group of angry officers saw this tall, 6’4” man in all of his greatness on March 15, 1783. They were upset because they had not been paid for their years of fighting in the Revolutionary War. The states refused to pay their allotment and the Continental Congress had no funds. The soldiers at Newburgh, NY were discussing the merits of mutiny when General Washington appeared among them and delivered what is known as the Newburgh Address. As he began to read the message he stumbled over the words. To the astonishment of his officers he paused and pulled out a pair of glasses. He said softly, “Gentlemen, you must pardon me. I have grown gray in the service of my country, and now find myself growing blind.” He continued in the address to beg them not to “open the flood gates of civil discord.” The seasoned soldiers fought back tears and they were reminded of his sacrifice for their new country. By this simple act of humility mutiny was prevented as they voted to give Congress more time. (See Washington: The Indispensable Man by James Thomas Flexner, pp. 171-174.

Jesus impressed the same lesson upon us when he said, [43] . . . but whosoever will be great among you, shall be your minister”

Dr. Gayle Woods

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